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Dec 1 – Best Trip – Smokey Mountains. My family of 4 went with some of my best girlfriends and their families for a milestone birthday party. There was hiking, drinking, hot tubbing and lots of fun!

Dec 2 – Restaurant Moment – Celebratory dinner at Remy’s Kitchen and Wine Bar for hubs job. Also, first time I ate fish in almost two years. Wine and fish was delish!

Dec 3 – Article – I’m not saying it’s a printed article and for all the reading I do, I should have a list to Jupiter and back. But here is what I have under the heading “Read this when sad” in my google reader The Bliss Chick’s interview with the Troubadours of Divine Bliss.

Dec 4 – Book  – For sheer number of reads this year – Twilight. Best book I haven’t yet finished: The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen. Other choice reads include: Pride and Prejudice, The Lacemakers of Glenmara and Born to Run.

Dec 5 – Night Out – A very recent night out with my best girl friends and their hubs. We went  bowling (which I completely suck at) and then we went to a dueling piano bar. I la-la-la-love singing and music and this place was full of win! They even played Don’t Stop Believing and how can you go wrong with that?

Dec 6 – Workshop or Conference – I only went to one this year and it was for the current industry that I am leaving within the next 6 months. The one thing about it though, is that it was the inaugural women’s conference for our industry. But next year’s entry for this category? It’s gonna be great…

Dec 7 – Blog Find of the Year – Kelly Diels’ Cleavage. Smart, funny, great read. Go there now, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Dec 8 – Moment of Peace – This is worth a separate post. But here I am on Dec 30 at 11 pm finishing up my best09 and I can not give this a separate post. So let me sum it up: this summer, camping on 500 acres, morning coffee in a rehabbed dairy barn, looking out the door as the sun rises, the dew is sparkling on the cobwebs in the garden across the path and the women in the kitchen are making pancakes in a wood burning stove while my baby girl dances around us. Pure magic.

Dec 9 – Challenge

Dec 10 – Album of the Year 

Dec 11 – The Best Place

Dec 12 – New Food

Dec 13 – Best Change Made to the Place You Live – My studio space.

Dec 14 – Rush – During the trip to the Smokey Mountains, we went white water rafting. It was fantastically exhilarating. I was nervous at first, but owned it 100%. We went through Class 4 rapids and I was scared for a moment, but at the end I actually thought – that was it? I was that nervous and that was it? I AM Sarita, hear me paddle!

Dec 15 – Best Packaging – Kind Soap Company.  I love the basic, rustic, recycled feel of their packaging and it’s a local company (so extra points for that).

Dec 16 – Tea of the Year

Dec 17 – Word or Phrase

Dec 18 – Shop

Dec 19 – Best Car Ride – The one on the way home from the Smokey Mountains. I spent the entire time reading a Twilight FanFiction (Wide Awake). It was heaven.

Dec 20 – Hero

Dec 21 – Project

Dec 22 – Startup. It’s not new this year, but it’s my pick either way: Etsy.

Dec 23 – Web tool. Twitter. No question.

Dec 24 – Learning experience. That the entire point of yoga is to prepare you for meditation. Yes, it’s great to have a rockin’ bod, be more flexible and even feel a sense of calm and presence. But doing yoga followed by a meditation practice? It’s the bomb, baby.

Dec 25 – Gift. I worked with a life coach for about 7 months of 2009 and it is definitely a gift that keeps giving.

Dec 26 – Insight or Aha! moment.  When I put together my Who’s that girl page on this blog…I realized that it’s totally ok for me to be a multidimensional woman who likes brown paper packages tied up with string and also likes to read sexy stories. I can like Ani Difranco AND Beyonce and I don’t have to pretend to only like one or the other because I don’t fit neatly into a ‘category’ that way. It’s ok that I’m hard to be labelled or *shock* to be ‘un-label-able’. It’s ok to be a contradiction.

Dec 27 – Social web moment. Finding the awesome Twilight community who helped me through the late night readings of the series and helped me laugh at my indescribable addiction to a YA novel.

Dec 28 – Stationary. This was not a year for me to buy ANY new stationary, but I fah-reaking love the stuff. I am a traditional girl and usually go for Crane. I know there is beautiful letterpress work on Etsy that I will have to indulge in next year.

Dec 29 – Laugh. This has been the year of the laugh for me. I feel like I have really worked (and succeeded) in bringing more of the funny into my life. Some of the funniest stuff: If you are a Twilight fan – Letters To Twilight and Twigasm Podcast (Rated-R!!), if you like funny movies – Paper Heart and Extract, if you like funny shows – The Office. But without a doubt, the biggest belly laughs for me come from my kids. Those two are a never-ending source of deep belly laughs.

Dec 30 – Ad. I know this is not new, but the Dove Campaign for Natural Beauty is my choice. I love the message that we are gorgeous naturally.

Dec 31 – Resolution you wish you’d stuck with. Daily yoga practice. And yes, there is ALWAYS next year.

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  1. December 31, 2009 12:22 am

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled to see your list all in one place. Will add it to my listroll for tomorrow’s final post. See you on the mat in 2010!

    Gwen Bell

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