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Haiti in my heart

January 19, 2010

I have a really hard time dealing with devastating events. After initially hearing about 9/11, I listened to pop music and watched sitcoms non-stop because I couldn’t process it. When I finally did watch a show, which was graphic, and actually tried to process what had happened, I cried for two days. I did not know anybody personally who was affected. But I felt helpless and sad and overwhelmed with grief.

I have avoided many of the  images and stories about the Haitian disaster. My heart can not bear it. Being a mother and imagining the fear, loss, devastation these lovely people must be feeling makes my heart-break even more for those who can not find their loved ones, who have lost their homes, who are without.

I can not fly down to Haiti to help. I do not have much money. But I do have some skills. I can make beautiful jewelery. And because the fantastically lovely Kelly Diels DM’ed me asking to take part in The Help Haiti Blog Challenge, I did.

Help Haiti Blog Challenge

While I was working, I kept loving kind thoughts of these people in my mind. My intention was clear – make this jewelery so lovely that people not only want to buy it to help the Haitians, but so they are happy to wear it and remind themselves of the good they have done.

All proceeds from items listed in my Etsy shop today will go to Doctors Without Borders.

Love and peace,


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