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On saddles, handles and muffins

January 13, 2010

Yes, yes, I’m still here. I know hope there is at least one person wondering WTH happened to Sarita. And I’ll tell you – life. But enough about that, let me bore you to tears with my update on 2010.


Which is funny because I come from the land of flat arsed women, so while ‘baby got back’ won’t ever apply to me, ‘baby got saddle bags, love handles and muffin top’ may or may not. I want out of the bag, I’m letting go of the handles and I don’t even really like muffins. Let’s do this!

I signed up for a swim class with my sister in law because I have worked out a total of ZERO (count them, 1, 2, 3, 4 – ZERO) times this year. My ability to embody Patience may be taking over in a bad way and moving more into lethargy, inaction, laziness. So I’m trying to nip that in the trunk. 

For starters I want to couple the weekly swim class with strength training and yoga on alternate days.  Check back next week and let’s see if I got myself motivated to do this. I’m shopping for a new swim suit today, so I think that may be the best possible motivation. Additionally, I signed up for the #losermoms competition. I highly doubt I am going to win but I am definitely always up for a good competition. And did I mention I need some for serious motivation?

Eat healthy, whole foods

There is a lot more to this and it will require more energy than I’m willing to put in now. Bottom line – I’m working through this – reading, thinking, listening to podcasts, logging points on weight watchers and being part of #losermoms. It’s slowly coming into focus and I will for sure delve into it deeper soon.

I have also been posting to my flickr365 daily and in process of making a patchwork quilt baby blanket for a friend (pics after the surprise). I am working on spending more quality time with the hubs, kids, rents, etc. I have started the house beautification project (slowly). Pauper? Me? not yet… – The hare may win yet.

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