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The one where I’m surprisingly nice to myself

January 4, 2010

I think I may have to reset my expectations. I publically made some resolutions on Friday, January 1, 2010 and chose to focus on one to start with: Get Your Booty Movin’.

And so I would normally expect that by now, three days later, I’d have three workouts under my belt.  And all I have is one trip to the pool with the kids. Which really means that I played in the pool with a two-year old and tried to swim for about a minute.

So I thought, maybe I picked the wrong goal to focus on. Maybe I should start with a different one. And believe me, I am prepping for those Everests. Knowing that I am going to tackle the whole eating sitch in the coming year is making me slowly begin to be aware of when and why I am eating. And I started to clean out the basement, micromovement style, yesterday.

I EVEN created a vision board for 2010.

(I’ve done this for a few years now and am rather surprised by what came out in this one. Normally I have LOTS of pics of exercising. In this one? Only 1. I am also surprised by the sheer amount of strong, funny, confident, smart women I have this year too.)

But a completed workout? Did I even pull out my yoga mat? Bueller? Nada.

Normally I would beat myself up about this with all sorts of internal bullying and come out at the other end feeling…well, shitty. Which may or may not lead to getting myself to the gym, but definitely leads to me feeling like crap about myself.

So here’s this word rearing it’s head again: Patience. I need to have some with myself. I’m going to do this, I have no doubt about it. Just because I’m not the perfect, super strong woman today doesn’t mean I can’t patiently work towards that over time. It’ll come grasshopper, just have some patience. In the meantime, how about focusing on how to get activity more ingrained into your day? How about getting inspired to workout?  

And I have been trying to focus on getting motivated all day. Reading some fitness blogs, subscribing to some fitness podcasts, planning to get my gym bag organized tonight. At some point in the week, this will give me the push I need to get my arse into the gym/onto the mat/movin’.

I think a splurge at lululemon would help also…

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