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I resolve to…

January 1, 2010

Let me start off by saying I really am an eternal optimist. If someone says the weather sucks, I say oh but at least it isn’t a tornado. If someone has a problem, I try to look on the bright side. I’m losing my job within the next 5 months and all I see is the silver lining in this situation.

And being the eternal optimist, I ALWAYS make New Years Resolutions. Without fail. The only one I’ve kept for more than a year was when I was 19. But then I broke it when I was 21. So yeah, I’m great at the setting but not at the follow through.

This year, in an attempt to not set myself up for another failure, I set an intention for 2010. My word of intention for this year is Patience. And I am Committed (yes, with a capital C) to honoring this for the entire year.

But yet, I have this list in my head of things I really want to change. And then I went and finally got around to reading this RT by @_apricottea. About two clicks later and I’m at this site and I’m ready to make some resolutions. But this year, when I make them? I am going to be Patient (yes, also with a capital P).

6 Habits for 2010 that I, SaritaPagita, want to change:

  1. Get that booty movin’. Whether that’s through more yoga (daily would be great), more running (any would be better) or dancing/swimming/30-day shredding/hiking, I need to get active. But it’s got to be fun. And while 2009 was decidedly more active than 2008, I want to step it up a notch and be active by some means everyday.
  2. Healthy eating. Sheesh, I’m already sounding like such a cliché. But, I have been sliding down a slope for a couple of years now and I need to change that. I eat really healthy compared to most people: I’m vegan so my diet should mainly consist of fruits and veggies, beans and rice. But lately, it’s contained too much soy ice cream, potato chips, diet coke and beer. I want to kick out the vegan cupcakes so they are more of a very special occasion treat. Note: over sharing to begin in T-minus 3, 2, 1… Also, I have some food issues – eating when bored, restless, sad, when I’m not hungry – that I really want to tackle. So at the end of the day, this is the ‘habit’ I’m really striving to deal with. Ok over sharing over.
  3. Be a better mom/wife/daughter/friend. I will be more Patient and present with my kids. I will be a courageous, loving, kind, gentle, nurturing mom/wife/daughter/friend in 2010 and beyond.
  4. Be more creative. Do something creative everyday which includes playing the violin, loading a pic onto my 365Flickr, and hopefully something else (learning to knit, making jewelry, sewing, scrapbooking, drawing, painting).
  5. Declutter/beautify my house. Keep it clean and organized. Be proud to have people over. Make it more homey. Get all the baby stuff out, because we ain’t having no mo’ babies, yo!
  6. Live like a pauper as much as possible. Remember how I’m losing my job? Yeah, that’s going to require me to stop buying books, makeup, shoes, anything that catches my eye (look! something shiny) like I still have a job. I’m going to have to be creative and be Patient.

And the habit I’m choosing to start with will be to Get that Booty Movin’. First step towards breaking the habit of couch potato chubberston is that I’m all set for 9 am yoga tomorrow am. Baby steps. Patience.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Namaste and Patience.

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