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2009 was all about intention

December 17, 2009

I did a lot of thinking this year, maybe not enough doing, but thinking for sure. Thinking about what I really have passion for, who I really am, why does my chest tighten when I pick my child up from school, why doesn’t Bella stop playing Jacob and just tell him she’s not that into him already. You know, some important stuff and some fluff.

And when I start thinking about passion, somehow my thoughts always go to money. As in, wow, I would really love to write a book, but could I make one that would sell a million copies and make me a millionaire? Or I love playing the violin but will I ever be good enough to make money at it? Or how about this one – I love crafting (sewing, making jewelry, papercraft) and I am constantly wondering what crafty business I can launch on etsy to make money.

This thought process comes from my current employment sitch, which is grey, monotonous and overbearing. But it also has had a very shiny pair of golden handcuffs clasped tightly around my wrists. Until I found out that they are closing the site I work at. Which means that those shiny, distracting handcuffs are now disappearing before my eyes. And now I feel like I get to dream. Dream about my passion.

Dreaming about my passion with a new seriousness makes me take each idea down the path even further. And each one tends to peter out before I hit it big. Because of the stress and pressure involved. Because making 1000 baby blankets does not seem fun. At. All. So I’ve been asking myself, what’s my intention with this passion? Because passion does not always equate with wealth. And wealth doesn’t always equate to happiness. So instead of chasing the money, maybe I should chase my intention.

My intention for playing the violin is to have a musical and creative outlet.

My intention for writing is for me and others to enjoy my stories.

My intention for crafting is to make beautiful things that I and others get joy from.

My intention for speaking french is to be fluent in preparation for my future of living there for a month.

My word of 2009 is INTENTION.

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  1. Alana permalink
    December 31, 2009 12:12 am

    This is so….me 😉 All the great ideas but then I peter out. My intention is to change that 🙂 And good luck with learning french – j’adore la France!

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